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My customers past and present have been so pleased with their new outfits by Grandmasoriginals that they sent me some pictures of their animals wearing them. So, I decided a page dedicated to them would be appropriate.

The following images are the intellectual property of their owners and are displayed here with their permission. If you would like me to add some of your pictures here let me know.

Do tell your collector friends and enjoy!

PIXIE POTIONS by courtesy of the very talented Emma Richards - be blown away with this creation - with my Fortune Teller Outfit.

I hope Sylvanian Family Fans are inspired by this wonderful creation. Enjoy!

Pixie Potions 1
 Pixie Potions 2
Pixie Potions 6 Pixie Potions 12

Look at all the spells on her shelves..........

Pixie Potions 3

This shop is never short of customers - especially at HALLOWEEN ....oooooooooooo

Pixie Potions 4

I wonder what the Fortune Teller is telling her customers?

 Pixie Potions 5
 Pixie Potions 7

I wonder what she mixes with Dragon Scales! .... perhaps a Truth Potion........?

Pixie Potions 8

This Creation is absolutely amazing and I must congratulate Emma for her imaginative setting.

 Pixie Potions 9

The Fortune Teller is using her Crystal Ball this time - I wonder what she sees in there!......mmmmmmmmm

Pixie Potions 10
 Pixie Potions 11
Pixie Potions 13


SELECTION OF NEW OUTFITS courtesy of Emily Hunt.

Selection of outfits for customer

THE PHOTO STUDIO by courtesy of Emma Richards

Photo studio - 1
Photo studio - 2
Photo studio - 3
Photo studio - 4
Photo studio - 5

SANTAS GROTTO by courtesy of Emma Richards

Santas grotto - 1
Santas grottoe - 2
Santas grotto - 3

WEDDING CAKE TOPPER by Grandmasoriginals - photo courtesy of Glynis Phair who made the cake. What a talent!

Wedding cake topper - bears
Bethany's birthday cake
Angelina Ballerina Birthday Cake

The above birthday cake topper theme was Angelina Ballerina and her best friend Alice having a teaparty in their new party dresses. Pictures sent to me by Carly Clough.

SYLVANIAN FAMILY WEDDING by courtesy of Sandra Wilson

Wedding 1
Wedding 2
Wedding 3
Wedding 4
Wedding 5
Wedding 6

THE WEDDING RECEPTION by courtesy of Sandra Wilson

Wedding Reception -7
Wedding Reception -8
Wedding Reception 9
Wedding Reception 10
Wedding reception 11

END OF A PERFECT DAY by Sandra Wilson

Wedding end of a perfect day 12
Wedding end of a perfect day 13
Wedding end of a perfect day 14

The best Sylvanian Family wedding I have been invited to!


SANTA'S CHRISTMAS HOUSE by courtesy of Sandra Wilson

Santas Christmas House 1
Santas Christmas House 2
Santas Christmas House 3
Santas Christmas House 4
Santas Christmas House 5

A Happy Christmas was had by all at Santas Christmas House.


Victorian Vintage FF Mouse Family
Victorian Vintage FF Mouse Parents Victorian Vintage FF Mice Children

VINTAGE FF TURTLES by courtesy of Melanie Hueser

Vintage FF Turtles

Girl is wearing a new neck piece and Father Turtle has a new jacket and trousers by grandmasoriginals.

Vintage FF Beetles

Girl Beetle has a new lace neck piece by grandmsoriginals.

ANGELINE BALLERINA AMERICAN GIRL by courtesy of Melanie Hueser

AB American Girl Polly

Polly has a newly designed 100% silk dress by grandmasoriginals.


Following pictures by courtesy of Laura & Jacqueline Sprinkle.

Collection of Sylvanian Families

Part of their collection with lots wearing grandmasoriginals new clothes.

Strawberry check dress+hat+bag

Mum Dalmatian taking a view from the balcony.

strapless summer dress+hat+bracelet

Looks as if somebody else is doing the same!

mum rabbit with baby in pram

Mother Periwinkle about to take baby for a stroll.

sylvanian babies in cot

Babies wanting their breakfast perhaps!

sylvanian bears on balcony

Brother & Sister viewing the scene from balcony.

sylvanian babies + sister cat sitting outdoors

Sister cat keeping an eye on the babies.

first violinist

Making music on the violin.

second violinist

Another music fan.

three sylvanian ballerinas

Three pretty ballerinas.

burger cafe scene-2

A treat at the burger cafe.

Burger Cafe

Outside Betty's Burger Cafe after a busy day.

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Summer dresses for Mum with hats and bags

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