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Welcome to my website where you will find lots of new fashion designs for your little Sylvanian Families, Calico Critters, Angelina Ballerina and friends. Designs are exclusive to Grandmas Originals. The following outfits are currently available to purchase here which will be realistic cost of garment + P&P and PayPal transaction fee if using this method of payment.

I shall list a small selection of items on eBay - moulineuf2.

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Twin baby outfits
Twin baby outfits stripes and spots

This design for the small standing babies is now available at £3.25 each which reflects the degree of difficulty in making them.

The pink/white stripe and blue/white stripe outfits were originally to be launched in the US but never released so I have decided to make some using my own pattern design which will be available in many colours.

baby dungarees

Smart dungarees to fit the Standing Baby Sylvanians and available at £3.00 each.

elastic waist dress for babies

Prettt elastic waist dress in quality shiny trim which fits the Standing and Crawling Baby Sylvanians and available at £1.50 each.

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Summer dresses for Mum with hats and bags

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