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Welcome to my website where you will find lots of new fashion designs for your little Sylvanian Families, Calico Critters, Angelina Ballerina and friends which I have made for family and friends over the years. I am quite happy to make the following outfits here for other collectors which will be realistic cost of garment + P&P.

It will be appreciated if you do not ask others to copy my work as lots of time and effort goes into making and designing these outfits.

Do tell your collector friends. - See how to order here



Family pyjamas+nighties+dressing gowns

Selection of Dressing gowns, Pyjamas and Nighties which fit the Regular Size Boys and Girls & Mums and Dads are available as follows:
Dressing gowns for Mum or Dad - £4.00 each
Dress gowns for Boy or Girl Child - £3.75 each
Pyjamas for Dad -£4.00 each
Nightie for Mum - £4.00 each
Pyjamas for Boy - £3.75 each
Nightie Girl Child - £3.75 each

Child Raincoats in 10 colours

Selection of PVC Raincoats which fit the Regular Size Child & Small Mum priced at £4.25
Design is from Original Japanese Pattern Book.

Hooded Capes for child small mum

Selection of Hooded Capes to fit the regular size DAUGHTER or SMALL MUM at £2.75 each.

Hooded Capes for Mum

Selection of Hooded Capes to fit the regular size MUM at £3.00 each.

Winter Coats for Dad

Selection of Winter Coats to fit the regular size Dad at £4.00 each.

Lilypad Umbrella

Lilypad Umbrella designed by Grandmasoriginals at £1.50 each

New hat for Waddlington Duck

New design Black Felt Top Hat for Wadlington Duck at £2.25 each.

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Summer dresses for Mum with hats and bags

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