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Enjoy browsing my archive pictures of garments I have made over the years. These garments are periodically on sale but almost all of them can be made to order. Some of the fabrics are no longer available or were limited editions, but similar or contrasting fabrics will be used.

Whilst still creating/selling, I hope to daily load my creations and try to categorise them as best I can. This will take some time as I have hundreds of pictures to sort through, so revisit regularly to see what's new!

My designs have involved a lot of thought and time in creating my patterns over the years. I would appreciate it if other sellers were not requested to copy / or copy them as they are my interlectual property, whilst at the same time I hope to inspire ideas for others to create outfits for these characters.

angelina ballerina ballet dresses and 2 princess dresses.
Angelina Ballerina outfits for Sammy and William
AB Henry & Polly outfits

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selection of outfits

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