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Enjoy browsing my archive pictures of garments I have made over the years. These garments are currently not on sale but almost all of them can be made to order. Enjoy! If you would like me to make one of these garments or something similar for you, please request a quote via email.

If you do not have the original AB figures you can use the regular size SF figures - I have used the Mother Mace Mouse for the original Miss Lilly and a Mace Mouse for the new ballet teacher Miss Mimi - see below pictures. Lots of new ballet dresses for the regular size children in the dance class - I have used the White Hawthorn Mouse for Angellina, Mace Mouse for Alice and other family children as their friends at the ballet school. Hope this triggers you imaginations!

BALLET DRESSES - are displayed on the original Angelina and Alice figures and the two Princesses. However, please note this size also fits the regular size Sylvanian Family MUM such as Mace Mouse etc. I have also made ballet dresses for the regular size SF CHILDREN so that you can make up your own ballet school - see pictures below in 6 colours using the Hawthorn Mouse CHILD as Angelina and Mace Mouse CHILD as Alice! Endless possibilities for AB characters within the easy to find old/new SF families.

Angelina Ballerina 6 child tutus
Angelina Ballerina Miss Lilly Angelina Miss Lilly Mace Mouse Angelina Ballerina Miss Mimi
Angelina Ballerina Hawthorn Mouse Angelina Ballerina Mace Mouse as Alice Andelina Ballerina Dormouse
Angelina Ballerina Periwinkle Rabbit Angelina Ballerina Damlatian Angelina Ballerina Persian Cat
Angelina Ballerina Polly
Angelina Ballerina's William Angelina Ballerina's Sammy Angelina Ballerina's Henry
Angelina Ballerina Mrs Mouseling Angelina Ballerina Mr Mouseling Angelina Ballerina Polly

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